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The Voice

The Bible is alive like no other book, and The Voice draws you in like no other Bible.

Scholars, poets, musicians, and story tellers have come together to create this singularly unique translation that transports you into the Bible's narrative. Don't just read the Word, step into the story.

Violence, the Last Straw

October 20, 2014

Today's guest post is by Dr. Creig Marlowe, an Old Testament specialist teaching in Europe.  He helped us with reviewing and writing parts of The Voice Old Testament.  

The ubiquity of violence is the last straw before the flood.

The famously curious “sons of God” passage in Gen 6:1-4 quotes the Eternal One in verse 3 as deciding,

“My life-giving Spirit will not sustain human beings forever because they are, after all, made of flesh. Therefore, I will put a limit on their lifespan of about 120 years.” (The Voice)


What others are saying

Anticipation is what I feel each morning as I come to The Voice for my personal devotional time. It engages my imagination. It is academically respectable without the boredom factor.

Rev. Dr. Dave McKechnie
President, Texas Theological Foundation

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Verse of the Day

Today's verse is from Ruth 1:16
Ruth: Stop pushing me away, insisting that I stop following you! Wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people. Your God will be my God.

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